Financial Literacy

How do you teach people about financial literacy in a way that is both educational and fun without getting too bogged down with technical terms and theory.  Trying to sift through the information can be a nightmare. Currently I’m looking through some websites to see what sites may be of use.  One that looks interesting: Welcome … Continue reading

Websites to explore

Have recently been looking at websites to explore that may help with my understanding of literacy.  I’m interested in literacy for two main reasons: Kids literacy as my kids are in primary school and I’m always looking to help them – one has an issue with maths so am always trying to find ways in … Continue reading

Functional Literacy

More explorations and definitions.  At the moment can only hope to put down definitions and/or observations so that I can get my head around it.  Some definitions of functional literacy: Functional illiteracy is a term used to describe reading and writing skills that are inadequate to cope with the demands of everyday life. This is … Continue reading

Digital Literacy

Continuing my exploration of information literacy and all that it involves.  Looking at definitions of digital literacy: Digital literacy – Learning and communicating requires an ability to read, write and locate information. Today’s technology driven society also requires digital literacy, which means that an individual can read and write digitally in order to ‘access the … Continue reading

Areas to explore

Really need to start exploring the concept of literacy.  Want to be able to understand what literacy is, what is information literacy, what is digital medial literacy, functional literacy and what resources are available to provide information on the topics and assist people with providing services / help in the areas. How do I approach … Continue reading

Questions to ponder

Really what do we mean when we talk about literacy or people being literate.  Are we talking about the inability of people to read or write or are we talking about not being able to fill out forms or budgeting or those items.  Are we looking at people while able to read, write and add … Continue reading

Literacy and music

In my wonderings on literacy I came across a website that talks about the relationship between literacy and music.  It is aimed at those teaching children but is useful to remember the role that music plays in teaching literacy.  Found the information interesting and useful to think about how I teach my kids and how … Continue reading

Definitions of Literacy

As this is my exploration of the topic I’d like to add what I found to be some of the definitions of literacy: gives us: literacy /ˈlɪtərəsi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [lit-er-uh-see]  –noun   the quality or state of being literate, esp. the ability to read and write. possession of education: to question someone’s literacy. … Continue reading


This blog chronicles my discoveries and understandings of what literacy is.  It will look at all types literacy from information literacy, computer literacy, adult literacy and functional literacy to name just a few.  It will look at what resources are there available and anything else that may be of interest to me relating to literacy.  I … Continue reading